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All Hail Doughvember!

The more Twitter foodie people I follow, the more excited I get about what's happening with food conversations on social media.

A great example of this is searching up the hashtag #doughvember. Yes, it's a play on the Movember Movement: where men grow a mustache in the month of November and fundraise for prostate cancer (ps give those terrible mustaches your pocket change and we'll all help a good cause). Doughvember is something different for the foodies, an inspirational tool for getting baking in November, then sharing details and tips of the results.

I first noticed the #doughvember chatter beginning with @PinchMySalt!/PinchMySalt who has been encouraging others to get a sourdough starter going this month and get baking with it. Here's her blog post on Doughvember from the beginning of the month to get people started:

I was up to the challenge, and soon had a great tasting sourdough mix going. November's not even over yet, and I've already made incredible first time batches of sourdough bread, cinnamon buns, pancakes, pizza crusts and naan bread. My family is in heaven, and I've had to take up a new sport (boxing) to work off all the delicious new carbs I'm creating from scratch. The kitchen has never smelled better.

To celebrate the end of both #Movember and #Doughvember, I've decided to make a big batch of mustache shaped soughdough baguettes for all my guy friends currently sporting a terrible 70's porn 'stash for a great cause. I'll post some pictures once I've had success.

To Doughvember!

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