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Savoury Tomato Mozzarella S'mores

Summer's coming to an end (sigh), but there's still one more weekend of celebrating to be had, so why not end off Summer 2015 right with some Savoury S'mores? Perfect for the campfire or barbeque, this recipe is a fun alternative to the classic sticky-sweet marshmallow S'more, instead using tiny bocconchini mozzarella balls, fresh grape tomatoes, basil leaves and slices of french baguette.

We like to top our savoury s'mores with a little something green, and the flavour of fresh basil leaves pair perfectly with the fire-roasted tomato and oooey, gooey mozzarella cheese (fresh oregano, chives or chopped green onion are also nice options). The baguette can easily be replaced with a different bread or the cracker of your choice for a crunchier bite.

Notes on ingredients: The roasted tomato and melted cheese can go straight onto a fresh baguette slice, but I like to toast my baguette over the fire while roasting the tomato and cheese. My favourite tomatoes to use for this recipe are Windset Farms Concerto Grape Tomatoes, which roast nicely, keep their shape and taste great, but cherry tomatoes are another great roasting pick.

Choose the regular mini-sized bocconcini mozza balls packed in water, or try oil & herb marinated bocconcini balls to give your s'mores extra flavour (without having to pack extra ingredients in your camping or BBQ cooler), while the aromatic herbed oil is perfect for drizzling on the baguette slices before they head to the fire to toast.

Savoury Tomato Mozzarella S'mores


1 pint of fresh Grape Tomatoes

1 container of baby bocconcini mozzarella balls  - plain or oil & herb marinated

1 cup fresh basil leaves, whole

1 baguette, sliced

Get your heat source of choice going - be it a campfire, charcoal or gas BBQ or even a little propane stove.

Dip or drizzle oil on a baguette slice and place on the edge of the grill surface to toast, away from open flames. Flip to toast other side, then remove and set aside.

Spear a mozza ball and a grape tomato on a roasting stick, head to the BBQ or fire and begin roasting while rotating over the heat.

When the tomato is roasted and cheese is soft and melting, slide them off the roasting stick onto the toasted baguette. Add a fresh basil leaf and you're done.


Disclosure: I am provided with Windset Farms vegetables for recipe creation and review, but have not been compensated for this post and all product opinions are my own.

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