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Vodka-Soaked Tipsy Tomatoes

Happy Valentines Day! Here's an easy-to-make, three ingredient boozy tomato appetizer just in time for you to whip up a batch for your lover (or your fine self) this holiday weekend. However, I really think these vodka-soaked Tipsy Tomatoes work for lots of celebrations throughout the year - perfect for festive holidays or just a lazy summer picnic at the beach. Big shout-out to my step-mom Marla for introducing me to these vodka-infused delightful bites.

This recipe is really just super-simple tomato poking & booze soaking, salt sprinkling and rapid devouring. The ingredients take 2 minutes to prep, then 24 hours resting in the fridge as the tomatoes to soak up the vodka.

The best success comes with choosing really flavourful tomatoes, a vodka you love, and a specialty salt you can't get enough of. I've made Tipsy Tomatoes with a variety of my favourite Windset Farms Tomatoes and I love a combination of several different kinds of tiny tomatoes mixed together - the Symphony Tomato Ensemble is a great pick with lots of different colours and flavours, or try mixing together Windset's newest tomato varieties - the tangy Tango and sweet Cameo cherry tomatoes.

The final touch to Tipsy Tomatoes is a really great sea salt. My personal favourite - Vancouver Island Salt Co.'s Fleur de Sel finishing salt, amazing flavour and great texture on the tongue when sprinkled on the Tipsy Tomatoes. Harvested from the ocean water just south of where I live on Canada's west coast, this collection of all natural sea salts is available online and now in grocery stores across Canada.

I was impressed to see Vancouver Island Salt Co. entire line for sale in my old local grocery store in Saskatoon last time I went to visit, so keep your eye out for it near you. Soak your tomatoes in some Lucky Bastard Vodka if you're lucky enough to be able to source this prairie winner, or try a spiced vodka that adds little extra heat.

Vodka-Soaked Tipsy Tomatoes


2 cups tiny tomatoes - grape, cherry and other small varieties

2 cups quality vodka

sea salt for garnish

Note: this recipe calls for equal quantities of vodka and tomatoes, so you can increase/decrease recipe size easily for a romantic portion for two, or a big snacking bowl for a large party.

Begin by poking one deep hole into each of the tomatoes with a toothpick or skewer. Place all tomatoes into a small bowl or container, pour the vodka over the tomatoes, seal with lid and place in the fridge to soak for 24 hours.

Drain the vodka off the tomatoes (save left-over vodka for Sunday Brunch Caesers or Vodka Tomato pasta sauce), either sprinkle with the sea salt and serve with toothpicks, or serve the tipsy tomatoes naked along with the sea salt for dipping.


Disclosure: Windset Farms provides me with fresh vegetables for recipe development and review. All product opinions and recipes are my own.

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