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Going high tech in the kitchen - A Nexus 7 review

I love trying new kitchen gadgets, but many that I try are of the 'funky grater' or 'unique pasta maker' variety. Bringing technology into my kitchen has been limited to me dragging my laptop onto the counter to follow more complicated online recipes and YouTube videos. So I was delighted when Staples Canada gave me the opportunity to review a much better way to bring all the tech you need in the kitchen, right to the palm of your hand with the Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

This beautiful and sleek 7 inch tablet with HD display and wifi/bluetooth weighs only 12 oz (less than my coffee travel mug!), sits comfortably in the hand and retails for a very reasonable $259. It's large enough to display all text well for easy reading but small enough to fit in a purse or jacket pocket. I treated myself to a nice cover/stand for the tablet, which made it even more user-friendly in the kitchen.

I do think that for following along with a messy recipe a tablet stylus would be a good idea so flour-y fingers don't smudge the screen (which does shine back up to a high gloss in an instant). A note to the iPad and iPhone users not sure about switching to the Android format - I had no problems at all, it's all very standardized and user friendly, and the Google Play store is crammed with content.

I set the Nexus 7 through a series of foodie challenges to learn all the different ways it can help out the home cook. Pinterest works great, the photos show beautifully on the tablet screen and following links to recipes was a breeze. I tried the Food Network In The Kitchen App and was able to easily follow recipes and jump between instructions and ingredient lists. I also like the Epicurious App for its easy-to-search meal suggestions and extensive recipe archive.

One of my favourite ways to enjoy the Nexus 7 both in and out of the kitchen is using it to read magazines and listen to music. The HD display shows the colours on every magazine page crisp, bright and true (as you can see in the picture above of Food Network Magazine), and the page turning interface for both magazines and books is very intuitive. There's also a pretty impressive speaker system on the tablet, and I now often have music playing as I read on the couch or cook in the kitchen.

The tablet also has a nice quality camera, and I was very impressed by the editing options, which are numerous and fine-tunable (very handy for taking pictures of food). The camera's interface is easy to use - so easy that I was able to snap a picture of a deer walking by as I read a book with the tablet on my deck yesterday.

After giving the Nexus 7 a solid run through all my foodie challenges, I can happily say that it is a great high tech gadget that has definitely added to my home cooking experience both in and out of the kitchen. I'm looking forward to using it for more recipe exploring, research and cooking ideas in the future.

To learn more about about the Google Nexus 7 Tablet, visit the official website. To get one into your own hands, visit

Disclaimer: I received a Nexus 7 Tablet for review from, but have not been compensated for this post and all product opinions are my own.

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