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The 10 Day BioSnacky Sprouter Challenge begins!

 Being an experimental gardener of all things edible, I was thrilled to be chosen as one of thirty Canadian food bloggers to try out a new way to grow fresh sprouts at home.

The BioSnacky Sprouter from natural products company A.Vogel is an inexpensive, self-contained seed germinator that allows you to grow up to three levels (and varieties) of sprouts in a simple to use tabletop container system.

Starting today, June 20th, I will be taking part in the 10 Day BioSnacky Sprouter Challenge as I grow tiny seeds into crunchy fresh sprouts and review the BioSnacky system here on Devour & Conquer.

The bioSnacky system comes with 3 cultivation trays with drainage siphons which automatically water all three levels, a water collection tray and a package of bioSnacky seeds. I was also provided with a variety of seeds to try out during the challenge and I have chosen to grow the traditional sprout 'classic' Alfalfa, some spicy Little Radish and the intriguingly-named Fitness Mix which includes Wheat, Mung Bean and White Radish seeds.

Set up for the germinator was completely simple, and I had my seed trays ready to go and watered in minutes. I can see this system being fun for families as parents can teach their kids how to grow their own sandwich sprouts right in the kitchen.

I'll be sharing updates throughout the next ten days here on Devour & Conquer and on my @devourNconquer twitter page on how the seeds are growing and how the bioSnacky system works as things start to sprout. I'll also be sharing nutritional information about the power of these tiny sprouted seeds, some recipe ideas and my favourite ways to eat sprouts as the 10 day challenge continues.

If you'd like to read updates on how the 10 Day Sprouting Challenge is going across Canada, check out the hashtag #bioSnackySprouts on Twitter and follow bioSnacky's parent company A. Vogel @AVogel_ca for updates along the way.

Day One: I'm ready to grow and can't wait to see some sprouts emerge...

Disclosure: I have been provided with a bioSnacky Sprouter System from A.Vogel for review, but have not been compensated for my participation in the 10 day challenge. All opinions of this product are unbiased and entirely my own.



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