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Christmasy Holiday thoughts and recipe links

Well, I took a bit of a break from food blogging this summer and fall as we moved all over the country working on new business plans and new life plans. With many new projects on the go now, I've feeling very lucky to be able to come home to Vancouver Island for the winter, as well as coming bac…

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Roasted Tomato Bread Cornucopia

I've been busy with some exciting life and food projects lately, but it's great to be back to share a fun Thanksgiving edible centerpiece recipe - Roasted Tomato Bread Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty. I've always loved seeing Cornucopias on Thanksgiving buffet tables, symbol of abundance and prospe…

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Cucumber Tzatziki Dip with Mini Pita Chips

Springtime patio parties and lazy Sunday afternoons call for a fresh spring dip to snack on, and this Cucumber Tzatziki with crunchy homemade Mini Pita Chips is just the thing to share with friends and family.

This recipe uses fresh crisp mini cucumbers and I've chosen my favourite Windset Fa…

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Honeycomb Brittle and Butter Baked Goods Giveaway


Oh, I've been looking forward to this one for a while... It's time for the Butter Baked Goods Cookbook Roundup and Giveaway!

A diverse group of food bloggers from across Canada have been pouring over the pages of Butter Baked Goods - Nostalgic Recipes from a Little Neighbourhood Bakery. This ho…

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Garden Tomato Parm-ageddon Pie

This weekend my foodie friends and I celebrated our 4th annual Pie Party, and it was a feast. Twenty two different sweet and savoury pies, cobblers and crumbles of every imaginable flavour. We ate like kings, then judged and voted for our favourites.

Instead of going to the grocery store for my pie…

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The Maple Nut Crosby Canuck Cookie

There's something so satisfying about a chewy, moist and flavour-packed molasses cookie. Crosby's Molasses recently put a call out to Food Bloggers of Canada members to create a new cookie recipe using the classic Canadian molasses we all know and love, and I had a great time creating a tribute to…

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Bacon Sage Stuffins (Stuffing Muffins)

As part of my recent cooking experiment with roasting a Turducken for the first time, I wanted to include a fun side dish with our dinner - one that was on 'theme' with things being stuffed inside other things.

As a festive turkey/duck/chicken and stuffing go hand in hand, I decided to try out a c…

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Empty the Cupboard Energy Bars

Making recipes on the fly with a pinch of this and a little of that often means that my cupboards come to a point where they get clogged with almost empty bags and containers of random dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Same goes for the cereal cupboard, where almost empty boxes of cereal get pushed to …

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Simple Pizza Dough

Friday night has always been pizza night at the Wright house. After a long week at work, it was the night we'd pick up a pizza and a movie on the way home and spend a relaxed evening together as a family.

And as I've started teaching myself to cook everything from scratch, pizza has been one of my…

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Bagels - get ready for your close-up...

I've been enjoying delving further into the world of food photography this year, there's something very satisfying about getting that perfect shot that makes the food I've made look as good as its tastes (or better!).

A good friend offered me the use of her lighting softbox to see how the difused l…

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Sour Cream & Chive Potato Mini Buns

I am a very lucky food blogger to be attending my very first Eat.Write.Retreat weekend in Philadelphia at the end of this month, showcasing great cooking, photography and writing with valuable connections within the food community.

One of the fun things that EWR does to get attendees fired up in …

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Baking for fun: National Grilled Cheese Day

When I heard that today is the silly yet delicious-sounding National Grilled Cheese Day, I decided to bake a mega loaf of bread. And it worked!

This one loaf contains the dough of three regular sized loaves of bread and is almost a foot tall. I can't wait to see what the Grilled Cheeses I make fr…

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Chewy Peanut Butter Cocoa Cookies

I am a chewy cookie lover and I'm always seeking out recipes for a cookie that stays moist and chewy, but still has great flavour and nicely crisped edges. Finally - success!

I've been working on variations of this Chewy Peanut Butter Cookie recipe to find the perfect combination of chewy, softy an…

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Ambrosia Sour Cream Apple Muffins

Did you know that February is Apple Month?

Yes, it may still be cold and stormy across Canada, but BC Tree Fruits is taking this month to honour the amazing selection of quality produce grown in B.C. and sold across the Western provinces. Apple Month is all about encouraging Canadians to support o…

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Ultra-Trendy Chia Seed Bagels to start 2013

I had to laugh when I recently read that chia seeds are going to be one of the food trends of the coming year, with both the Huffington Post and Chatelaine proclaiming Chia to be a 'superfood to watch' in 2013. For once, I'm feeling a little smug and ahead of the curve, as I made friends with this…

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Mojito Cocktail Cookies


I'll admit it. I have an on-going love affair with Mojito cocktails and my devotion knows no bounds. I love them so much I actually started growing my own mint so I could make them more often, and have been known to show up at summer parties with a bag full of limes, a bottle of rum and a hand…

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Épis de Blé - a Thanksgiving-worthy baguette

I had the privilege of being invited to a Thanksgiving feast potluck at a Central Vancouver Island farm yesterday, the very place I buy my amazing vegetable plants each spring, in fact. My friends who own this farm have begun the Thanksgiving weekend tradition of throwing a huge potluck feast in o…

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