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Candied Ginger & Lemon Peel for baking and garnishes

I've been making my own candied ginger for several years after realizing exactly how easy it is to make at home. For this holiday season, I wanted to bump up the flavour with a simple mixture of candied ginger and lemon peel to use in my holiday sweet breads and Christmas cakes. The mild spicine…

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Halloween Meringue Bones & Ghoulish Lime Curd Dip

Ah Halloween, one of my favourite holidays - I love it all, the costumes, the adorable kids running around, and the terrifyingly delicious food, of course. This year I've created a simple to make recipe for Halloween Meringue Bones with a Ghoulish Lime Curd dip.

These two recipes pair togethe…

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Pies cookbook review and giveaway

Holiday baking can either be a joy or a chore (or a little of both...), but trust-worthy recipes make all the difference when you're juggling a higher than usual number of dishes around the holidays.

A new Canadian cookbook has come to the rescue of home cooks with a gorgeous new resource focused…

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Horrify friends with edible Halloween Intestines

I was bound and determined to try one of my Top Ten Creepy Halloween party Foods to bring to my friends Anna & Jake's annual Monster Mash party. (That's Anna posing with the intestines above, rocking a chicken costume this year)

I decided to go with the 'Stuffed Intestines' made with puff pastry …

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Vancouver Island ice cream with roof-top entertainment

When lists of 'what to do' on Vancouver Island pop up, Coombs' Old Country Market almost always gets a mention. And no visit is complete without a stop at the Ice Cream Shoppe and a viewing of the local on-site 'entertainment'.

The town of Coombs is located in Central Vancouver Island on the high…

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Stewed Rhubarb with Ginger and Lime

What's in season right now for spring? Rhubarb!

Popping up in gardens, grocery stores and farmer's markets, rhubarb is suddenly everywhere. When I see it I automatically think 'Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie', but local strawberries aren't quite ready to go yet so rhubarb hasn't really been on my rad…

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Christmas Meringues, the angelic holiday cookie

It's that time again, the season where cookies and baked goods are popping up everywhere, tempting us with their festive tastiness.

I'm lucky enough to have a great group of baking friends out here on the Island, and we meet up each December for an annual cookie exchange and tasting competition. T…

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Apple Butter made with local fruit

As someone who is trying to learn how to cook everything (one thing at a time), when someone offers me access to extra homegrown fruits and vegetables, I'm in heaven. When my friend called me and said "Want to come and pick the rest of my backyard apples, there's too many!" I was there, with a baske…

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