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Urban Garden 2015 and a 'Grate' Little Giveaway

It's finally summer here on the west coast, and we went straight to the hot and dry stage early this year. Lawns are brown and crispy and unfortunately there are forest fires burning from Saskatchewan all the way west to Vancouver Island. The only things getting watered these days at my house ar…

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Help God's Little Acre Farm feed those in need

God's Little Acre Farm in Surrey, British Columbia is a beautiful thing - a volunteer-run farm that grows food for those in need. And they grow it well - in the past four years they have donated a whopping 420,000 pounds of fresh, BC-grown produce to those less fortunate.

And they're just get…

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Five Herbs to Grow Indoors This Winter

I've enjoyed partnering with Food Bloggers of Canada this year with articles on learning how to grow your own food at home, and I'm back again this month with a feature on growing herbs indoors during the winter.

As someone who loves to use fresh herbs year-round in my cooking, growing herbs inside…

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Garden Tomato Parm-ageddon Pie

This weekend my foodie friends and I celebrated our 4th annual Pie Party, and it was a feast. Twenty two different sweet and savoury pies, cobblers and crumbles of every imaginable flavour. We ate like kings, then judged and voted for our favourites.

Instead of going to the grocery store for my pie…

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Springtime in my urban kitchen garden


 I've been so busy with digging out, preparing and replanted my entire backyard edible kitchen garden for the past month that I haven't sat down to write about it. I have been taking lots of pictures, though, and now I can take a few minutes to share what I've decided to grow this year (some exp…

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Creating your own edible small space garden

Can we finally officially call it spring across the country? I know we've had it easy on the west coast as snow persisted across much of Canada, but the great white north is finally melting back to a soft spring green hue, so it's time to start thinking about getting some edible plants growing at …

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Almost Spring... A winter kitchen garden update

Spring is close (right?!). It's been one hell of a winter for much of North America and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is craving warm sun, blue skies, fresh buds and green shoots. Vancouver Island is starting to grow again after what I hope is the last of the snow and new plant shoots are appe…

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There's a fungus among us tomatoes

I haven't done a kitchen garden update in a while, and quite a bit has been going on outside my office window lately. Cucumbers exploding off vines, brussel sprouts, uh... brusselling, and three different kinds of peppers starting to ripen.

Funny enough, had I written this post a week ago, it wou…

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Food appears and Spike returns - a mid-July kitchen garden update

After a busy June full of travel, it's been nice to have a few weeks back at home, working and enjoying summer on Vancouver Island. And it's also been nice to be able to keep an eye (and hands) on how my backyard kitchen garden is doing.

It's starting to look like the hot weather we're getting …

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Snakes & Lettuce

I mentioned on the Devour & Conquer Facebook Page the other day that I was happy to see that a local Garter snake that was considering adopting my garden as home. I went out to do some weeding today, and there she was (no idea if it's male or female, but she looks like a 'she' for some reason and …

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Quick pickled carrot and mixed sprouts salad

This salad is simple and incredibly fast to make, looks beautiful, tastes great and is packed with healthy ingredients. The vinegar gives the carrots a light pickled flavour, while retaining their colour and crunch. This salad is crammed with beta-carotene, vitamins A, B, C and E, calcium, iron, p…

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bioSnacky Sprouter Challenge Update: Days 2 to 4


After setting up my sprouter for the Ten Day bioSnacky Sprout Growing Challenge, I've had a busy weekend which included both celebrating my birthday and bike racing in a local team triathlon in the pouring Vancouver Island rain. Haven't had much time for gardening or plant care in general, so it…

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Checking up on the backyard kitchen garden


I've been traveling so much over the past few months that my backyard kitchen garden has been pretty much left to its own devices. When I've been home I'm rushed out to throw a few new plants in the ground, feed, stake, water, then off I go again. It's been interesting to see what flourishes wit…

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The 10 Day BioSnacky Sprouter Challenge begins!

 Being an experimental gardener of all things edible, I was thrilled to be chosen as one of thirty Canadian food bloggers to try out a new way to grow fresh sprouts at home.

The BioSnacky Sprouter from natural products company A.Vogel is an inexpensive, self-contained seed germinator that allows…

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Cashew Pesto Pasta

Basil has filled my garden again, so I delved back into my newly acquired Cashew Pesto Recipe last night and made a fresh batch to keep on hand.

Instead of making pesto pizza with it, this time I went for a simple pesto pasta, topped with parmesan cheese. Golden green and bursting with flavour, thi…

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Apple Butter made with local fruit

As someone who is trying to learn how to cook everything (one thing at a time), when someone offers me access to extra homegrown fruits and vegetables, I'm in heaven. When my friend called me and said "Want to come and pick the rest of my backyard apples, there's too many!" I was there, with a baske…

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Salsa Verde with home-grown BC chili peppers

I've been in love with Salsa Verde ever since the first time I spooned it onto a burrito when my local taco shop ran out of tomato salsa. It's got a tangy zing that red salsa doesn't have, which soothes the edge of the spicy heat.

I grew a Super Chili pepper plant on my deck this year specifically w…

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Alien vegetables are descending into my kitchen: Kohlrabi

I try to visit one of the three local farmer's markets in my area every Saturday (I'd go to more of them, more often if they weren't all at the same damn time!). Although I love those first spring peas and summer's fresh lettuces and zucchini, the market doesn't really start getting exciting until…

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