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Wallet-friendly Potato Bacon Soup

When planning to participate in the Live Below The Line Challenge, I thought long and hard about what kinds of things I both wanted to make and eat. Planning a five day menu for seven people on $1.75 per person, per day is very difficult, which is why this helps raise awareness of how tough it is …

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Comforting Carrot Ginger Soup

I burned myself in the kitchen last night in the most idiot way.

I was cooking steaks in the oven after searing them in a frying pan, I took the pan out with my oven mitt, turned around to open a bottle of wine to de-glaze the pan, then turned back around and grabbed the damn handle with my bare h…

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Rainy Day Salmon Chowder

I am a New Englander on my father's side, and spent my childhood summers swimming in the Rhode Island waves, followed by snarfing down clam cakes and warming up with a hot cup of clam chowder. It's in my blood, so much so that when the weather gets to just the right combination of cold/stormy/gray…

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Practically Free Vegetable Stock

It's said that there's no such thing as a free lunch, but this recipe comes pretty close.

During my recent visit to the Dirty Apron Cooking School, Chef David Robertson mentioned a great home cooking tip that I've tried in the past, but had forgotten about in the flurry of learning other things. With…

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